Short video insight of the exhibition.
The Time is never missing, HD video in loop, 02:03, 2011
The shipping port unit, serigraph on paper, palet, acrylics, 120 x 78 x 60 cm, 2011
Traffic Jam no. 1, acrylics and black marker on paper, 8 x 2 m, 2011
Traffic Jam no. 2, acrilics and permanent marker on paper, 6,5 x 2m, 2011
Without really noticing when and how, we became a small part in international trade and traffic. The apple I ate this morning was from New Zealand, the computer I use to write this concept is from China, while drinking a beer from Mexico, buying stuff in Pakistani grocery store and eating Vietnamese.

The exhibition is an experiment: to look at the world from an economic perspective. The view with makro lens, capturing the whole landscape; buildings cars banks boats crowds. The personal is lost: It is an attempt to portrait the world, an such an attempt will always fail.

In my last exhibition “Paradise in state of emergency” I tried to portrait the life of immigrants in our Paradise –like the Northern hemisphere universe, in this exhibition, I want to show, what is this Paradise build of: oil, concrete, shipping. I am trying to show just some key objects from this world without commenting them. What is bringing a comment is the choice of the objects and the relation they have with each other.